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  1. Starrkeisha - I'mma Independent (@TheKingOfWeird)     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 4m : 18s     Don't forget to click the thumbs up! Leave Starr a comment! Share on FB, Twitter, etc.
  2. Starrkeisha - The Baby Momma Dance! @TheKingOfWeird     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 4m     Like! Comment! Share!
  3. Starrkeisha TWERKS! (Cameron J - No Reason) @TheKingOfWeird     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 5m     Click the thumbs up! Leave us a comment! Share with your friends and family! "No Reason" on iTunes:
  4. Child Support Rap Battle - Starrkeisha VS Cameron J     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 3m : 53s     Share this video! Sharing is caring! Twitter: @TheKingOfWeird
  5. Ciara - Got Me Good (DANCE) @TheKingOfWeird @Ciara     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 4m : 16s     Ciara - Got Me Good (Dance) (Choreography) Like! Comment! Share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. : )
  6. Starrkeshia ima independent cover     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 4m : 7s     By Brianna and Asha Our instagrams are cheaka123 and _LMAO_18 Subscribe like and follow duces.
  7. Starrkeisha - The Baby Momma REMIX! @TheKingOfWeird     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 6m : 38s     The Starrkeisha story continues... Like! Comment! Click the thumbs up! Share with your family and friends! Shout out to Justin Lee for the Baby Momma Mash-up...
  8. Starrkeisha's Daycare! @TheKingOfWeird     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 5m : 1s     "Kiki Care! Where every kid can be a Starr!" Like! Comment! Subscribe! SHARE! Special Thanks to: Dre Hopson Desirae Mea...
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