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  1. How and WHY to Solder Correctly     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 7m : 44s     BitCoin donation address: 17UP3moev1QB217fq5kp5Y5rz6er3XEEcu SMD soldering practice kit: Clo...
  2. How to Do It: Basic Soldering     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 5m : 47s     Basic soldering how to video.
  3. How To Solder Copper Plumbing Pipes     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 15m : 11s     Shannon from shows you how to cut copper plumbing pipes and solder copper pipes together with an elbow joint.
  4. HowTo SMD Soldering     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 37m : 33s     An in depth tutorial showing how to solder surface mount parts. Covering the tools, techniques and tips that can really help learn how to properly solder ele...
  5. Basic Soldering Lesson 1 - "Solder & Flux"     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 21m : 45s     Basic Soldering for Electronics Lesson 1 - "Solder and Flux" produced by PACE, Inc. Visit PACE has produced a variety of instructiona...
    Duration : 0h : 11m : 43s     HOW TO SOLDER & UNSOLDER Apply Soldering video Tutorial Guide BAD TV CAPS REVIEW desolder soldering tv parts components swollen buldged bubbled capacitors in...
  7. Solder 54pin ram chip with hotair only     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 8m : 11s     soldering a 54 pin ram chip with hotair only.... i used a bit too much solderpaste as you can see but solved the lil problem instantly....
  8. EEVblog #186 - Soldering Tutorial Part 3 - Surface Mount     DOWNLOAD
    Duration : 0h : 40m : 56s     PART 1: PART 2: Part 3 of the hand soldering tutorial. This time Dave s...
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